You will THRIVE.

With Neal Spencer’s decision-making framework you will achieve better personal and professional outcomes, you will THRIVE .

Neal Spencer

With more than 35 years of leadership experience, Neal has gained important insights into what drives decisions that lead to success.


Are You Thriving – Or Just Surviving?

What decisions are you facing?

With the tough decisions that meet us every day, we feel tremendous pressure to make the right choices for our families, our careers, and ourselves.

Who are you listening to?

Advice comes from all around us – relatives, friends, colleagues, teachers, bosses, and others. But where do we find that great advice we really need?

What are your choices?

Decisions feel overwhelming when we are presented with a seemingly endless array of options. But in the end, it all boils down to two basic choices.

Are you choosing to Thrive? Or Just Survive?

How do you Thrive and not Just Survive? Neal presents an effective approach for getting better personal and professional outcomes in your life.


Neal’s session was fantastic and his message, based on a series of personal stories, provided practical advice on how to make effective decisions in order to thrive in one’s life and career.
Chris Graff, VP of Education, Kentucky Chapter of HFMA
Neal provided insight to our group and his presentation was both informative and entertaining. He has significant real-life experience in the professional services industry and is a top notch communicator. If the opportunity arises, we will invite Neal back to speak to our members in the future.
Stan Mork - President, Information Technology Alliance
Neal is a gifted and authoritative presenter. Neal caught on quickly to a vision, and was instrumental in helping INSIDE Public Accounting launch the annual conference, The PRIME Symposium. His personality, knowledge, and sincere passion for the profession came through in his presentations and were well received. Neal is encouraging and positive. His insight on strategy was a draw to our invitation-only guest list and his presentation skills were quite impactful.
Kelly Platt, Principal INSIDE Public Accounting and the Platt Group
As I grow older I only gain more and more respect for your incredible leadership and communication style. I never had the opportunity to thank you for the time and efforts that you invested in my career. You are the standard of excellence for all of the leaders that I interact with and work for to this day.
Bryan, (former employee)
Neal Spencer delivered a moving and inspirational commencement address at OTC’s annual graduation ceremony. His message of choosing to thrive rather than just survive resonated with OTC students. He tailored his message to fit his audience and was able to capture the attention of both the graduating students and their families and friends. His passion for education, leadership experience, and community commitment, made Neal an ideal speaker for more than 8,000 attendees. OTC was fortunate to have Neal deliver our keynote address.
Stephanie Sumners, Chief of Staff
Superb – absolutely superb
Amy Vega Hollander - participant
Inspiring! Awesome! Perfection!
Linda Craig - participant
Everyone should hear Neal’s talk. Great message
Daniel Miller - participant


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