At 58, twice divorced and having lived in 8 states, I’ll admit to having a few therapy sessions in my lifetime.  One of the many lessons learned in therapy was this:

Important things are seldom easy.  

Easy things are seldom important.  

Now you can argue the importance of mastering the easy things before moving on to more important things and I won’t argue with that. Everyone, no matter the profession, needs to master the fundamentals.

The problem is many professionals never move on to tackling the important things.  


Because they are hard or as stated earlier, not easy. Sometimes the important things can be uncomfortable.  How many of you accountants or lawyers out there were ever told in college about the importance of selling? Very few in fact, because in college we were mastering the fundamentals.

Sure those things are relatively easy now, but think about how challenging some of your classes were.  To be successful in an accounting firm, law firm or other professional services firm you have to bring in new clients and you have to expand relationships with existing clients. It’s called selling. And selling can be uncomfortable, and often times not easy, yet very important to you and your firm’s success.  

I’m surprised at how many professionals believe selling is going to mixers, trade association meetings or chamber events. Sure, it’s a good way to meet someone, but what’s important is what you do after those events. It’s called picking up the phone and inviting the prospect to lunch so you can both learn more about each other.  Building rapport, which builds trust, which ultimately leads to a new client.

Take another example, things you do every day.  Things that are routine for you. Ask yourself this question?  Is what you are doing important and necessary? If the answer is no, quit doing it.  If the answer is yes, is it easy for you to accomplish. If so find an associate or assistant to handle.  It may not be easy for them and will provide a great platform to train them on fundamentals. With that additional time you can now focus on the more difficult things like growth, client retention or employee engagement.

What holds people back is they focus on the easy stuff.  So remember – Easy things are seldom important.  Important things are seldom easy. Are you choosing to thrive each and every day?  It’s your choice.