We live our lives striving for success, and success is defined in many different ways. How far we advanced in our careers? How well did we provide for our family? How much money did we make? The list goes on and on. Regardless, it’s the “dash” in the middle that matters most.

So what is this “dash” I’m referring to?

The “dash” is your life and what you do with it. I’d never tell anyone not to make as much money as they can or take a calculated risk to start a new business or get to the next promotion. However, when all is said and done, it’s the “dash” that will define you.

We all have a date when we are born, and we all have a date when we die.  Cemeteries are fascinating places. Have you ever just wandered through a cemetery looking at monuments?  They all have that “dash” between the date of birth and date of death. And that’s when we all pause and wonder what kind of an individual this person was.  That “dash.”

Does it matter whether they drove a Mercedes or a Kia?

Does it matter whether they have a second home on the beach?

Does it matter if they went to South Africa on vacation?

The answer is a resounding “no.” What matters is what they did with their lives? Again the “dash” in the middle.

Did they give back to their community and not just in charitable donations, but did they give back their time?

Did the pass along their knowledge and wisdom to others climbing the corporate ladder or did they just keep that wisdom and knowledge to themselves?

Did they live their life with integrity and respect those that have differing opinions?  Did they pause and open a door for an elderly person?

Did they take the time to help a friend or even a stranger in need?

You see, when all is said and done, it’s the “dash” that defines who you are.

What will that “dash” say about you?

Choose to Thrive.