Leadership & Client Service Presentations

Each day brings with it a complex array of decisions. But how do we choose to Thrive as we make these important decisions impact our live – and not just survive.

Neal’s message resonates with individuals at every organizational level – from the leadership ranks to valued employees, members, or students. His fresh approach to decision making benefits businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and membership associations.

How does Neal’s message inspire your people to Thrive and Not Just Survive?


  • Demonstrates how every decision comes down to a single choice – Thrive or Just Survive
  • Provides concrete stories that illustrate effective and ineffective approaches to making decisions
  • Motivates individuals to make more effective choices that benefit the organization

Why is Neal able to inspire audiences to Thrive and Not Just Survive?


  • Neal has over 35 years of experience
  • Helped a large accounting firm to Thrive even during times of economic recession
  • First-hand knowledge of effective and ineffective decision making at every organizational level

Keynote Presentations

Thrive or Just Survive

Should you accept that new assignment? Take that new job offer? Say goodbye to that significant other? Every day we face tremendous pressure to make the right choices for our families, our careers, ourselves, and others, and there’s certainly no shortage of advice or information. But while you may have an endless supply of options, you really have just two choices. In this presentation, Neal shows you the difference between Thriving and Just Surviving. He gives you a decision-making framework for achieving better personal and professional outcomes.

What Makes You Different?

Competition is everywhere, so why choose you and your company? When your clients Thrive, so does your business! Neal shares an approach for delivering consistent value, exceeding expectations, and keeping clients loyal to your organization. Whatever product or service you provide, this presentation helps you formulate an effective strategy for long-term success in a competitive marketplace.

Thriving Leadership

From setting the right objectives, to developing an optimal strategy, to every day tactical choices – your organization faces a myriad of complex decision points. Effective leadership requires a mindful approach to decision making that helps all stakeholders to Thrive and not Just Survive. This presentation gives you the tools for generating enthusiasm and inspiring each and every member of your team to embrace his or her role in the long-term success of the organization.

Event Types

How do you help your people Thrive and not Just Survive?

Whether you’re planning your annual conference, leadership retreat, commencement, or other meetings, Neal shows your audience the difference between Thriving and Not Just Surviving.  He motivates them to take ownership of their own personal lives and professional careers – so that they can achieve better results.

Annual Leadership Conferences

Neal’s powerful message – Thrive, not Just Survive – encourages your leaders to take control of their own success.

Industry Association Meetings

Your members will benefit from Neal’s powerful strategy for navigating today’s challenging business environment.

Firm and Company Retreats

Every attendee gains a fresh perspective on serving clients effectively and becoming better leaders.

Commencement Addresses

Neal inspires students to make the right choices as they begin their journey to successful and fulfilling careers.

Chamber Events

Your members learn powerful decision-making tools to help them Thrive and to better serve their communities.

Trade Show Addresses

Neal delivers an effective approach for establishing fruitful relationships that lead to long-term success.

Choose to Thrive, not just survive. Book Neal to speak at your next event.